10 To-Do Lists Smart People Does

  1. Preserve your friendship

–          Having trustable and sincere friends are the most precious, warmest cloths you could have in this life.

–          Appreciate friendship and if you don’t have one, it’s time to sincerely make and preserve your friendship.

  1. Learn how to let go

–          You should be mature enough by this age

–          If you are not able to take on some love, some fate or even some reality, it’s time to let go.

–          Give yourself a new start, as long as you have the confidence, courage and hard work, success is around the corner

  1. Shine the good and kindness

–          You must do your best to ensure those who are less fortunate to feel the love

  1. Literate in Music

–          You must have knowledge/know/learn a type of musical instrument

–          Music could enhance your memory and imagination

–          Music could bring unexpected moment of silence

  1. Avoid two type of sufferings

–          First suffering is the suffering of not able to achieve certain things

–          Second suffering is the suffering of not letting go certain things

  1. Learn to take on hardships

–          Fail and gain more wisdom to make better decision in the future

  1. Be Grateful

–          We must be always grateful

–          Never forget the person who brought you to this stage of life regardless whether they treat you good or bad

  1. Be passionate in your work

–          Love you work, be an enthusiast and be a superstar in your work regardless what position you are holding on

  1. Never stop learning

–          Studying and learning are like conversing with wisdom and knowledge

–          You should read at least 50 books yearly

  1. Enjoy sports

–          Utilize more of your time to exercise, enjoy the beauty of nature

–          Sports/exercise enhance your youth-full-ness, health and happiness.

P/S: These words of wisdom are not from me. I just translated from a Chinese article and added some personal knowledge and opinions.
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