26th March 2013 – Tuesday

I believe in this “if you never really decides on something, you will always regret and “restart” every day! Believe me, each time you restart, your confidence dropped and your motivation lessen.

26th March, woke up after few hours of sleeping, felt so so tired and can’t feel the energy a 24 years old should have. I can’t perform, I can’t do well in many things. Kept sleeping, lying down and can’t think straight.

I am tired of pressing the “restart” button, I want this restart button to be the last time, or at least the next time, I would  start from a “last saved” –  learn, improve and moved on.

However, my night was better. Went out with Little Orange for movie. Although the movie sucks to be honest, but I am glad she still smile towards the end of the movie. Sweet sweet girl. Thanks Little Orange ❤


VG Wincent
Now or Never