These are some advice and practices that personally done by Robin Sharma:

1. Up at 5.00am five times a week with naps on the weekends

2. A 60-minute holy hour once I’m up, for self development and personal reflection

3. five big time workouts a week

4. A 90 minutes massage every seven days

5. A world class diet (but I eat one to two desserts every week, life isn’t meant to be too strict)

6. A period of journaling most days. Journaling builds self-awareness. I also use my journal to write daily goals, plan adn record what I’m grateful for, and capture and process new ideas along with lessons learned.

7. A period of reading each day (any reading materials)

8. Affirmations or what I call success statement throughout the day especially in shower. These keep my thoughts locked on what’s most important and thoughts are the ancestors of actions. Right thinking drives right actions.

9. A weekly planning session and I also review my goals here. Usually on Sunday

10. At least one conversation with an interesting person each week to keep my passion high and to surround myself with big ideas. A single conversation can change your life.

Great ones!