29.1.2013 – Tuesday
Gym opened!! Went gym with Travis for workout!! Did back training and did very intensely! I think it’s a way for me not to be depressed about my career! It a replacing it with an alternative 😉

Evening 7pm, I had a conference meeting with all YES Malaysia Committee Members via Google Hangout! Fun experience just that Blaine’s Pc don’t have microphone!! ==

After that, I went out for movie with Moneey! Newly know girl! Nice girl just we have communication problem. She speaks Cantonese while i sucks in Cantonese and speaks english and chinese! Ended up our conversation so mixed up! Hahaha.

When I came back and sent her home, I went to mickey’s house.. Chat with her sometime.. And SAW BLAINE JOGGING WITH JOSEPH! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!