25.1.2013 – Friday

Woke up early in the morning and went breakfast myself at Hou Wan Loi while waiting for Travis and Sherry to get ready. We went to gym I had crazy heavy weight bench press for my chest!
When we get back, I was exhausted and really really tired!
After a healthy breakfast with the guys, we went back to Blaine house, planning for later’s agenda. Sherry insisted she want to go back KL because she have to solve some relationship issue. BUt something in my heart is stopping me to go back KL. So I decided to ask travios and sherry to go back first while I stay at Kampar to read my boook and also dunno why, just dun hope to go back KL first. HAHA!!!
Spend that night with Blaine, teaching her some knowledge I learnt from the book.

What I felt really correct. She is in pressure of waltz, with love 2. I give my full moral support to her! Hope she can make it!! 🙂
Slept early that night. 🙂