22.1.2013 – Tuesday – 23.1.2013 (11.12pm)

Today I committed sins.
I took lunch with rice, Pizza Hut personal pizza, and have meal after 9pm plus beer.

Rice – I was damn hungry for lunch, so it’s still okay…

Pizza – Pizza Hut giving out free pizza and I went with sherry. We first arrived an hour early!! Hahaha!! But we got no 4&5!! The staff la! Haha. It’s okay. Got myself Tuna delight and sherry got Hawaiian chicken.

Supper plus beer: Eric and mr Lai came down to see us at Kampar.. I was very happy and proud with my outfit for the talk!! professional!! and glad mr lai praise that i am thinner! hahaha!
After show, mr Lai brought us for supper. I can choose not to eat, just he ordered quite a lot 😐 with beer… That night, I kacau Blaine whole night and chat with her till 4am