21.1.2013 – Monday – 22.1.2013 (3.30am)

Happy Birthday Vannesa!!! I din forget your birthday!! 🙂

Started my day late, about 11.30am. I am disappointed for the late waking up.

To be honest, FEAR was taking over me and also my team. I can see the down down down spirit of the whole team. 😦

James quited team and now left me, Sherry and Travis in the core team fighting for GO2013!

As a conclusion, they were quite upset with the slow or no progress. I am fail as a leader!

Today, I was depressed because I am facing some “roadblocks” for relationship, friendship, financial, work, career…. Only thing I am happy with my my personal development.

And to be honest, thanks to Anthony Robin who digged me up through his book – Awaken the Giant Within! I am glad god gave me this book when I was down. This book inspires me and gave me headups about what should I do? Perhaps these are what we call, Law of attraction? Destiny? Luck? God Arrangement? ETC!!!
Regardless what’s that, I am glad and I truly appreciate it!

Night time, Johny gave me a game!! HAHAHA! Age of Empires 1 ==”’ Outdated guy!!
Gonna sleep soon. Good night to you all!


BTW, I am back to my single life again!! Missed it!!