16.1.2013 – Wednesday – 17.1.2012 (Thursday)

Today, woke up strong after reading Donald’s book!
But hardships keep coming until I saw a photo on Instagram, it broke my heart and got me down!
First HLA matters… My mum wanna pay for it, and I DON’T WANT!!! šŸ’”
My VG team falling apart and I dunno what can I do except to persevere with the current few šŸ’”
Last, my relationship šŸ’”šŸ’”

Just can’t take it! Went to gym, workout my back/ shoulder..
Felt better after that. Fetched Travis from ktm and started to work.. Good momentum.. šŸ™‚

Night, suddenly received a msg from sherry saying they at police station. I thought they got arrested for giving out flyers at pasar malam! Lol!
But it was my sister friend crabby hit someone… Luckily nothing big happen.. šŸ˜¦