15.1.2013 – Tuesday – 17.1.2013 (12.14am)

Double mood… Start the morning on Abbie’s house sofa. Lol.. Nothing happen ar!! Just had a chat with Abbie and Mickey till I fell asleep..
Woke up in the morning and bath.. But still in a high fatigue and not happy mood.. Came back to Blaine’s house and took a long nap where I should go out for work.. #unproductive
Woke up at 4 an started working!! Finished two shops and went for gym!! Pressure pressure…

After gym, I was more energetic and start work again l, looking for prospect.. Manatau, Digi line gone case at kampar and many communication problem.. Quite fed up when can’t contact Aravin.

Ended the night at Blaine’s house.. Oh ya, before sleep, watched a video “listen listen listen” political jokes! Haha!!
And thanks to Sam to intro me 明明就 from jay Chou! 🙂