13.1.2013 – Sunday – 5.04pm (14.1.2013)

Woke up late and being unproductive today!
Woke up and start finalizing Joey’s birthday present! Thanks to Travis for helping me in building the roof. 😀
Went to photostatshop to laminate photos and the shop owner screw it up!!! Made me stand there to re-do the whole thing again for an hour!!
At last, it’s done.

Gave it to her in a surprise way, thanks to Charlotte for helping me with this! 🙂
Hope she really like it and appreciate it because, I think it’s the end d.

Btw some good things, MU vs Liverpool, MU won!! HAHA!!

And received a very special and sensitive question from a girl d friend. She asked “What’s orgasm? ==”

photo (3)

VG Wincent