12.1.2013 – Sat – 11.24am (13.1.13)

Spend whole day preparing for presentation and Ee’s gift.. Although I am still not So happy about what happen and a insincere morning reply, I decided, she still my good friend.. Perhaps our relationship did not really flourish but I hope won’t affect out friendship, at least..

Spend almost whole day practicing slides with Travis n improving it to the Max!! Can see his hard work!! Really like this guy as a business partner!! He pt effort and focus!! Can’t believe GE joined me that day!
At night I talked to James and this jan project is really getting now or never d! We must make it or we would have to face the consequences! I don’t want VGYS to collapse!! I want to be successful!!!!
So, I could now say it’s now or never d..
My relationship has been doing badly and I don’t hope to sinkage heart of my team, my parents and everyone who trusted me!!

God, I will do my best this round!! Please be on my side!!

VG Wincent