2.1.2012 – Wednesday – 9.37pm

Insomnia!! Slept by 6am and my whole plan ruined.. Maybe I could not cope my with sudden changes if sleeping time as previously I slept too late d! Also not feeling so well. Decided to take a early sleep tonight after this posting.
Slept for two hours and wake up, prepared for a meet up at maluri with my other VG members and PPF members. Quite tired and slept in the car. At maluri, we got lectured by Mr Lai for our poor results. I think we deserved it too! As a leader, I must improve now!!!
Later on, I went Solaris with sherry, Travis and Alvin for YES Exco meeting.. Learnt about the real meaning if networking and how to be a team! Thanks roger!
But… Had some conflicts and war of words with ee.. I really don’t want to start it, but I really felt unfair N I am really tired of hanging halfway.. At least let me know how I can Do better or what u really think..
Tomorrow will be a great day! Don’t think too much d!!!! Ee, night la.
Travis agreed to go jogging with me at 6.30am!! Lets see whether he can make it! Hahaha