I found a formula for discipline yourself and how to instill a habit in self.

Remember to be a successful individual in any field, you would need to be discipline regardless major or minor issues in life!!

I have found a formula that would help you to instill the desired positive habits! 🙂

Here are the steps:

1. Determine what habit that you would like to instill clearly and precisely. Eg: I want to apply a facial cream on myself every night before sleeping.
2. During your first attempt of the habit (the time you are most motivated), think of the benefits that you would gained after you make this action a habit, visualize the final outcome you would achieve when you did this action and remember the positive “happy” feeling of this habit and also the WHY you want to start this habit in first place.
*Step 2 is ultimately important for your habit instillation. Also, visualized and feel the consequence you will face if your habit was not instilled – social rejections, inability to achieve results etc… Feel it, visualized it!!
3. Force yourself to maintain this habit just for 7 times consecutively. Just 7 times!!!! Every time you repeat the action, repeat step 2.
4. While doing the action (which would be transformed to habit), do it properly. FOCUS do it as if you a perfectionist (if you are not, make sure this action you do it perfectly)!!
5. After the 7 days of forcing or even you can’t reach the 7 days of habit and LAZINESS and EXCUSES start to arise, remember step 2! VISUALIZE AND FEEL THE POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE BENEFITS AND CONSEQUENCES!!!

Let me recap the important points in Step 2:
– The WHY you started this habit
– Visualize and Feel  the Positive Benefits after you have this habit – final positive outcome
– Also Visualize and Feel the NEGATIVE consequence if you fail this habit