These was my resolutions for 2012.

Sadly and disappointingly, I did not made most of it. 😦 Let me do some brief analysis with bold writings

1. Graduate with first class honor. *Did not make it, second class upper only)
2. Build my Amway business and be invited to give a keynote speech during the Amway Business Expansion Seminar this September *Totally quit Amway and there are no BES on 2012
3. Start my first business regardless of the scale, step in. *Made it – VG Youth Solutionist and VG Awe Resources
So far, would be the business with my Singapore contacts and might involved in LED and Oil&Gas with my current boss (intern)
4. Obtain my abs and fit body. Then, take off my shirt to go around the beach! *Failed!!! I giving myself one last chance this year!
5. Maintained my current relationship status and concept *hanging in a relationship now..
6. Buy my parents and my sister a holiday trip *Did not make it, just a mere genting dinner only 😦
7. Invest in my first property – small apartment *Did not make it 😦
8. Involved in Young Entrepreneurs Society Malaysia and also few more social organizations. *Did it!! Currently the president of YES Malaysia
9. Finish 12 books. *did not make it, finished about 4-5 books only
10. Improve my English. *I think did not really make it.. Din see any significant difference yet..
11. Take up a self-development course – NLP most probably – did not take up any classes
12. Attend at least 2 motivational talks – Did it!! 🙂
13. Attend all the soft skills talks which are beneficial to me and get distinction for my Soft Skills – I made it!!
14. Kick start my last event in UTAR – UTAR Millionare Gala Night 2016 – Completely forgetten about it.. how sad..
15. Club at at least 6 different clubs in Malaysia or Singapore – Went to four only.. 
16. Be more systematic and walk my talk *zzzzz
17. Own a pet – dog or sugar glider *nope. instead, I got a hamster and a turtle
18. Do my best to transfer my knowledge and motivates as many UTAR juniors before I leave UTAR – hope i did it!!
19. Achieve the reward of Best Student Leader of UTAR – DID NOT MAKE IT, did not even got info about  if and when I knew it already too late. 
20. My name to be appeared on any magazine or newspaper for a positive news (photo would be even better) – Did not make it.. 😦

So far would be this.

2012 for me, is actually quite a failure I considered. But, ADVERSITY would not bring me down!! I swear!!
2013, I will make it the best year in my life!! I am going to think and write my new year resolution for 2013 and I will achieve it in my next post!!

VG Wincent
1.1.2013 – Tuesday – 10.26pm