Date:  16 September 2012Day: Sunday

What a fail routine. Lasted for a day.
I gonna continue this routine forever!! Tomorrow at 5am, challenge again!! MUST do it no matter what.
Got sicked these few days, could not perform well.

Taken medicine with adequate sleeps, I would perform at a peak level tomorrow!! Yeah..

Met up for sales presentation with Zel, receive first rejection! Good! 99 more to go before I will gain true success!!

Did a session of workout today despite the condition of my health. Did a mild one to continue my routine. Started to love my routined and disciplined life! 🙂

Reminder: I WANT TO HAVE VIN DIESEL’S BODY!! Don’t give up!!! 3 more months before 2012 ends!! Start 2013 with full confidence!!!


Gonna work a while than take my early beauty and healthy sleep! 🙂