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10 To-Do Lists Smart People Does

  1. Preserve your friendship

–          Having trustable and sincere friends are the most precious, warmest cloths you could have in this life.

–          Appreciate friendship and if you don’t have one, it’s time to sincerely make and preserve your friendship.

  1. Learn how to let go

–          You should be mature enough by this age

–          If you are not able to take on some love, some fate or even some reality, it’s time to let go.

–          Give yourself a new start, as long as you have the confidence, courage and hard work, success is around the corner

  1. Shine the good and kindness

–          You must do your best to ensure those who are less fortunate to feel the love

  1. Literate in Music

–          You must have knowledge/know/learn a type of musical instrument

–          Music could enhance your memory and imagination

–          Music could bring unexpected moment of silence

  1. Avoid two type of sufferings

–          First suffering is the suffering of not able to achieve certain things

–          Second suffering is the suffering of not letting go certain things

  1. Learn to take on hardships

–          Fail and gain more wisdom to make better decision in the future

  1. Be Grateful

–          We must be always grateful

–          Never forget the person who brought you to this stage of life regardless whether they treat you good or bad

  1. Be passionate in your work

–          Love you work, be an enthusiast and be a superstar in your work regardless what position you are holding on

  1. Never stop learning

–          Studying and learning are like conversing with wisdom and knowledge

–          You should read at least 50 books yearly

  1. Enjoy sports

–          Utilize more of your time to exercise, enjoy the beauty of nature

–          Sports/exercise enhance your youth-full-ness, health and happiness.

P/S: These words of wisdom are not from me. I just translated from a Chinese article and added some personal knowledge and opinions.
Share if you think it would help your community.

Past: A Visit to ACP

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26th March 2013 – Tuesday

I believe in this “if you never really decides on something, you will always regret and “restart” every day! Believe me, each time you restart, your confidence dropped and your motivation lessen.

26th March, woke up after few hours of sleeping, felt so so tired and can’t feel the energy a 24 years old should have. I can’t perform, I can’t do well in many things. Kept sleeping, lying down and can’t think straight.

I am tired of pressing the “restart” button, I want this restart button to be the last time, or at least the next time, I would  start from a “last saved” –  learn, improve and moved on.

However, my night was better. Went out with Little Orange for movie. Although the movie sucks to be honest, but I am glad she still smile towards the end of the movie. Sweet sweet girl. Thanks Little Orange ❤


VG Wincent
Now or Never

Thanks Prince Kiri for the sharing.

These are some advice and practices that personally done by Robin Sharma:

1. Up at 5.00am five times a week with naps on the weekends

2. A 60-minute holy hour once I’m up, for self development and personal reflection

3. five big time workouts a week

4. A 90 minutes massage every seven days

5. A world class diet (but I eat one to two desserts every week, life isn’t meant to be too strict)

6. A period of journaling most days. Journaling builds self-awareness. I also use my journal to write daily goals, plan adn record what I’m grateful for, and capture and process new ideas along with lessons learned.

7. A period of reading each day (any reading materials)

8. Affirmations or what I call success statement throughout the day especially in shower. These keep my thoughts locked on what’s most important and thoughts are the ancestors of actions. Right thinking drives right actions.

9. A weekly planning session and I also review my goals here. Usually on Sunday

10. At least one conversation with an interesting person each week to keep my passion high and to surround myself with big ideas. A single conversation can change your life.

Great ones!

Wise words by Winston Churchill

I love this quote “A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma” by Winston Churchill. I will train myself to fit this quote!

30.1.2013 – Weds

Woke up early and went gym with Chean fee and Travis!!! Oh my god!! Three of like dead meat! I was lacked of sleep and could not really exert my fullest but did quite intensely! Did biceps and triceps training! Thanks to Chean fee, coz he bought he banana as I was quite hungry that time! Hahaha!

Back home dead meat and slept the noon.. My career is on the line!! Oh my god! I need to move move move!! Woke up by evening and did a sin!! We had domino pizza!!! Me and Travis!!! Nevertheless, IT WAS AWESOME!!

Regretted the night! Haha..
We went through Awaken The Giant Within and started our counseling session! 🙂

29.1.2013 – Tuesday
Gym opened!! Went gym with Travis for workout!! Did back training and did very intensely! I think it’s a way for me not to be depressed about my career! It a replacing it with an alternative 😉

Evening 7pm, I had a conference meeting with all YES Malaysia Committee Members via Google Hangout! Fun experience just that Blaine’s Pc don’t have microphone!! ==

After that, I went out for movie with Moneey! Newly know girl! Nice girl just we have communication problem. She speaks Cantonese while i sucks in Cantonese and speaks english and chinese! Ended up our conversation so mixed up! Hahaha.

When I came back and sent her home, I went to mickey’s house.. Chat with her sometime.. And SAW BLAINE JOGGING WITH JOSEPH! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!

28.1.2013 – Monday

Gym closed!! 😦 sad sad thing.. Went par tea time and did a sin because I had Nai Gai chocolate drink. Spent whole day with Travis over there, basically directionless!
Not a productive day!

27.1.2013 – Sunday
Today, mainly traveling from KL to Kampar and sleep!!! Winnie went to Penang so I had a day sleeping on a good bed and with aircon! 🙂
Enjoyed it!

Woke up at 8.50pm, jumped up and rushed to McDonald to present PPF To a student – Zhi Kang! Went smoothly but I felt something…. Something… Haa.! It’s okay.

Decided to sleep after that, but Alvin asked me to bring him for dinner. We went Ghany. SAW Joey… :/
Heart stopped for a moment. But conclusion, it’s the end of our story.. Hope we could be friends again.